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Trials and Digital Epidemiology

We strongly believe that the strength of our research consists in its translational character. Clinical trials are therefore one major focus of our work. On the right we show our new digital cohort study DigiHero, our own clinical trials as well as those from other groups that permitted us to make our scientific contribution in terms of immunological, disease or resistance monitoring. Thanks to all our partners for the great collaboration! 


        active, recruiting

        active, not recruiting


        in preparation

1 \ DigiHero


Lately, we have become big fans of digital epidemiology inspired by a great team of researchers around Prof. Rafael Mikolajczyk from the University of Halle. In the digital cohort study DigiHero conducted in Saxony-Anhalt, we are currently focusing on post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC; "long Covid"), but also SARS-CoV-2 variant-specific immunity.


Schultheiß et al 2023, Journal of Medical Virology

Paschold et al 2022, Front Immunol

Schultheiß et al 2022, Cell Reports Medicine

Schultheiß et al 2021, medRxiv

2 \ AVETUX (NCT03174405)


Avelumab and Cetuximab in Combination With FOLFOX in Patients With Previously Untreated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer.


Tintelnot et al 2022, Front Oncol

Stein, Simnica, Schultheiß et al 2021, J Immunother Cancer

Stein et al 2020, J Clin Oncol

Stein et al 2018, J Clin Oncol

3 \ INTEGA (NCT03409848)


Ipilimumab or FOLFOX in Combination With Nivolumab and Trastuzumab in HER2 Positive EsophagoGastric Adenocarcinoma.


Paschold, Stein et al 2023, JITC

Stein et al 2022, JAMA Oncol

Tintelnot et al 2020, BMC Cancer

4 \ IMSTAR (NCT03700905)


Study of Nivolumab Alone or in Combination With Ipilimumab as Immunotherapy vs Standard Follow-up in Surgical Resectable HNSCC After Adjuvant Therapy.


Jonas et al 2022, Oral Oncology

Zech et al 2020, Future Oncol

5 \ FOCUS (2020-005910-17)

Phase 2 multicenter study investigating the tolerability and efficacy of UV1 vaccine in patients with recurrent or metastatic PD-L1 positive (CPS≥1) head and neck squamous cell carcinoma planned for first-line treatment with pembrolizumab.

6 \ FIRE-6 (2018-002010-12)


FIRE-6 study: Avelumab added to FOLFIRI plus Cetuximab followed by Avelumab maintenance in patients with previously untreated RAS wild-type colorectal cancer.


Claaß, Schultheiß, Scholz et al 2022, Front Immunol

7 \ RAP (AIO-STO-0218)

A phase II trial with ramucirumab, avelumab, and paclitaxel as second line treatment in gastro-esophageal adenocarcinoma of the arbeitsgemeinschaft internistische onkologie (AIO).

8 \ XPAG-ITP (NCT04346654)


A Study to Assess Efficacy and Safety of Eltrombopag in Combination With a Short Course of Dexamethasone in Patients With Newly Diagnosed ITP (XPAG-ITP).

9 \ DSMM XVII (2017-001616-11)

Elotuzumab (E) in Combination with Carfilzomib, Lenalidomide and Dexamethasone (E-KRd) versus KRd prior to and following Autologous Stem Cell Transplant in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma and Subsequent Maintenance with Elotuzumab and Lenalidomide versus Single-Agent Lenalidomide. A phase III study by DSMM (Deutsche Studiengruppe Multiples Myelom).

10 \ Dara-H-VERUMM (2020-000382-16)

Efficacy of daratumumab (Dara) retreatment using a histone deacetylase-inhibitor (HDACi: panobinostat) as a Dara-longevity-inducing, epigenetic agent in combination with bortezomib-dexamethasone as a quadruplet in relapsed / refractory multiple myeloma (RRMM) patients.

11 \ NEOBRAF (AIO-KRK-0420)  


Neoadjuvant encorafenib, binimetinib and cetuximab for patients with BRAF mutated/pMMR localized colorectal cancer (NEOBRAF).

Let's Work Together

Exchange of knowledge is essential for scientific progress. If you have an idea on how we could help you with your project or vice versa just contact us. We are always interestd in cooperations.

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